Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To Grey or not to Grey - THAT is the question

In the week since I wrote my last entry I've mentioned the grey cover up and wanting my greys back to several people.
The first was my friend Terry....she was all for it.
Terry expressed that she looks for them and is excited by them - they are her badges of honor.
Apparently she, and I, are in the minority here.
Every other woman I have mentioned this to has had the following to say:


"I'm NOT taking them siting down - I'm going kicking and screaming!"

and combinations of the above.

I don't have a problem with hair coloring per sey, heck - I've done quite a few auburn color washes - just to have that red that I've always wanted...it's just that I don't have a problem with accepting grey hair as a mark of your years, and wearing it proudly either.

Isn't it better to have lived long enough and interesting enough lives that we got the greys?
Anyhow, let me know how YOU feel about this.

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