Thursday, September 20, 2007


If it's not one thing - it's another.

I've been home 3 days this week - no - not enjoying the wonderful sunny autum days - nursing a sick boy....

Evan came home sick from the weekend with Gram and Gramp on Sunday. He'd been telling them he didn't feel so good all weekend, and Sunday he started running a fever. He seemed ok overnight Sunday, but I took him to the doc on Monday morning just because he's our sneaky ear-infection boy...and she kept listening to his chest....She sent the nurse in with the nebulizer and did an albuterol treatment in the office. When she re-checked his lungs - they still sounded congested and she sent us for a chest x-ray. Sure enough the little tyke had a touch of pneumonia.

So, Monday was spent in and out of medical establishments. Yesterday and today we've been staying close to home. He's not running a fever any more, but he's still not well either. Poor little guy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Last Thursday was our 4th anniversary!
We started celebrating at dinner time on Wednesday when Clark got home - each boy got to bring mommy a dozen roses! And daddy brought her sushi (YUMM!).

On Thursday, the actual anniversary day I presented Clark with a yummy fruit basket - did I mention that the traditional gifts for 4 years are fruits and flowers?!?!?
Auntie D babysat for us that evening while we went to dinner on the Lake.

It was a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!
As one of my cards said "To the the joy...(to the boys...) happy anniversary.

Toxic Synovitis

On August 29 Ronnie woke up and told us he couldn't walk.
After trying to move through the morning in the usual way we ended up at the doctor's office and the lab for blood work.
The doctor asked us - wasn't he sick recently? - to which we answered no.
He said he thought it was Toxic Synovitis, a fairly common virus that causes hip pain, but was sending us for some tests because TS was usually preceeded by a really bad cold virus.
The symptoms in the links below described Ronnie to a T.
And to keep you from worrying unnecessarily - he was walking again by evening and running the next day.