Sunday, October 28, 2007

And...Daycare AGAIN!

WOW - I guess I should just be happy we had over a year of daycare with NO complaints before having some issues...but really..sometimes it's just crazy the things that make sense to you yet are issues for daycare.

One of the mom's I'm friends with and who has brought up the security issues with the "management" of our center has been FIGHTING with the center recently and I was all set to jump in - here's the situation.

Her son is newly potty trained...meaning he will go on the potty...but has not yet learned to do a good job wiping. Almost 2 weeks ago she stated picking him up with HEAVY poop stains in his underwear. When she asked about why she was told that it was center policy that once the kids were in underwear the teachers were no longer allowed to go into the bathroom with them or assist them with wiping. SO the poor kid sat in poop all day. She brought up the issue with the center's Asst Dir. who said she'd follow up and find out where the policy came from and if they would be able to change anything or NOT.

So, upon first hearing this - my thoughts were - geez when a PARENT leaves a kid in dirty underwear it's called NEGLECT....when a nursing home leaves a person in dirty underweare it's called NEGLECT. Why is it that a day care center can call it "policy" and it's OK???
It doesn't make any sense.

Then the next day I pickup my kid - and guess what - he's in DIRTY UNDERWEAR. The issue actually dragged on for a week and a half before they decided that it was a stupid policy and they'd go ahead and change it.

In the meantime my friend's son sat in poop almost every day for that week + and my kid came home at least 2 more times that way. She had fights with the teachers, assistant director and director almost every day during that time and sat at her desk crying many days due to frustration and concern for her son.

The good news is that the policy is now to assist the child after they've made an attempt themselves. The bad news is that it took so damn long. Is there NO ONE out there with common sense any more??????????

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