Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Breif Update

Haven't had much time to blog lately...so update on life:
Work - project my department has been working on for a year has gone live and we're shaking out the bugs....so work has been unpleasant. The big "sport" at my company is finger pointing. Although there are errors and missing details in every area - we can't possibly work as a team to make it right...we have to spend as much time and energy as possible pointing out the other guy's flaws.
Home - garden is still pretty much as stated in the last blog. Squash Basil and tomatoes coming in - tomatoes did take a hit in a particularly nasty storm. They had grown over top of the cages and the storm knocked them down a bit....but they have finally started to ripen. LARGE bunches of basil and 2-4 med squash are being picked 2-3x a week. We had a great play-date with an old work buddy of mine ( we were preggo together twice so kids are same ages). She decided to stay home after #2.
Kids - Daycare - NIGHTMARE - I will actually need to devote a WHOLE post to this subject in the next week or so. For now just let me say I've visited 8-10 places this week....before work, after work, lunch time.....hence no time to blog.
More later.

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