Thursday, October 12, 2006

Let the Potty Training BEGIN!

It is with MUCH angst and gnashing of teeth that big brother Ronnie has become potty trained. And we still deal with accidents and last-minute catches - which will of course go on for some time yet.
SOooo with Evan wanting to do everything big brother does - we have begun the ordeal with him as well....
Yesterday morning after a night of coughing in my ear and kicking me in the ribs, Evan woke me with the words every mommy longs to hear "Mommy, Pee-pee, Pottie" So, we jumped out of the warm covers and into the cold bathroom where said child was disrobed and undiapered and put on the wait, and wait....and wait...."Mommy, DONE, wipe" since the aforementioned diaper was BONE DRY I insisted...."No, Evan, not until you pee-pee"Finally the reward came - a nice stream of early morning pee!!!
YAY !!!!!!
Of course today - by the time we got to the pottie - the diaper was sagging....Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

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